Slow speed transfer and connection breaks

Hi All,

I have a big problems with speed transfer. Today I got new UTP cat6 cables and after connected everything this is my result.

First of all I have MY Cloud 3TB and D850l D-link router.

Connection between cloud, router and PC is connected via UTP cat 6 cable.

Complete setup is 1Gb/s enabled 

Wd MY cloud on network connection blinks green, and solid green

When I try to transfer files to WD Cloud via windows explorer in one point I get 25MB/s after a few minute of transfering connection speed starts to drop and soon breaks. I get windows screen with message that Cloud is not visible (but it is). So I can’ t transfer blue ray movie on cloud.

When I use MY Cloud windows application I have really slow speed of transfer. Around 5MB/s. With this application I don’t get interuptions in transfer but it’s extremly slow. For 10GB I need around 1h.

Please HELP! Can someone give some advice what to check and how? Is there a way to debug this ?

Thanks in andanced


Can someone give me advice why my connection has this oscilations ? I’m using windows explorer to copy file and after 5 min connection breaks (just for explorer) 

And after some time:

Try again button does nothing. 

To eliminate your D850l D-link as a suspect, linkup the WDMyCloud directly to the PC using one of your lan cables via internet sharing. Test and note the transfer rate. Then try the same method with the rest of the cables to see if any of them gone bad. Great if you also have another 1GB ethernet laptop to include in the troubleshooting.

Ok, after few hours I have improvement.


I followed tutorial on this link:

After that I also disabled TCP Checksum Offload IPv6 and UDP Checksum Offload IPv6 

Now I have more stabile connection without dropping with around 25MB/s transfer rate.

To be honest I’m satisfied with this but would love to know what speed is max for transfer ?

Thanks Nazar78 for help. 

I will check Nazar78 you suggestion and connect WD Cloud direcly to PC but when I try that Cloud has blinkling white ? Where is mistake ?

For v4 firmwares (including latest one), typical download is a around 90-100MB/s and upload is around 60-70MB/s.

To connect directly with your PC, you’ll need to asign the IP. Usually internet connection sharing can automatically do this for you via DHCP. Else you can manually give static IP. I’ve done this WDMyCloud direct to PC before, for troubleshooting purposes only.


Ok, now have some results 

Image below is with router and USB3.0 to ethernet 1Gb/s. Similar results so it;s not network card.

Next image is Cloud direct to PC. Also I have similar results

I have MacBook air but without Lac connection, and this adapter is not compatibile with OSX.

But from this I can see that is something on Cloud side (or PC)

I have latest firmware.Can it be some settings on Cloud ?


Wladaaaaa wrote:


…USB3.0 to ethernet 1Gb/s. Similar results…

Dollars to donuts:  That’s your problem.  I’ve not seen many USB-based Ethernet port that’s very fast…

But I have same results on adapter 3.0 usb and on land card on mainboard.

Test out every cable you have, also as mentioned, another PC/laptop (directly connect to WDMyCloud via 1GB lan not USB3 adapter) would confirm the fault on WDMyCloud. Then on the NAS part, ssh into it and run “top” to see if there’s other processes competing with the transfers. I know this is troubleshooting/tweaking is cumbersome but you’ll be satisfied with the end results.

Hi All,

After all this problems I decided to reinstall windows and to put Windows 8 on my PC.  And whola, I have now right results and fast speed transfer.


So it was definitly something with Windows 7, and I don’t have idea what was the problem.

Solution was, reinstall stupid windows. 

Thank you all for helping me out!