Slow speed on my new N750

Hi all

Just joined the forums because I’m having a lot of problems with my new router, and was wondering if I’m missing something in the configuration.

I’m getting download speeds of under 1 mps, I have a notification on my router dashboard that the QOS auto detection failed, and things are downloading at a crawl in general.

If I plug the computer directly into my modem (we’re on a cable internet connection), I get the appropriate speeds for our ISP’s level of service, but plugged in through the router, I get this. So I know it’s the router and not the ISP.

I did the installation following all of the instructions, so I’m not sure what’s going on.

Is there a “basic configuration to improve speed” site somewhere? Do I need to start from scratch?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Hi, from the dashboard disable the fastrack and check if that helps.