Slow speed...even when transferring from locations on disk

Good morning all…

Just got my WDEX2 and I’ve experienced the slowness uploading over the network that others have seen also (2MBPS).  I plugged in an external HD that I have (in an aftermarket enclousre…harvested from an old Laptop.  WD Drive) to the USB port on the back to transfer video off of it and it was also maxed out between 2-3 MBPS.

So this is the weirdest part, in the process of setting up my shares, I wasn’t paying attention to user permsissions on the “PUBLIC” shares (i.e. that you can’t down grade them).  So, no big deal, moving files on the same drive shouldn’t be a problem.  Created a private share, set up permssions, the opened two windows, one for the private share and one for the public share…drag and drop.  Whammo.  2.3MBPS TOPS…From one share to another?

I have the 8TB (two 4TB WD RED factory installed)

Running RAID1

Firmware 1.02.08 (Should be latest…update set for every night - Default)

Cloud Access is ON

Drive Slee is ON

Power Schedule is OFF

No backups of any kind configured

Distributed file system OFF


Media Streaming is OFF

ITunes is OFF

Set to Static IP

Have Cisco EA6500 Router

Factory Cat5e cable.

Any help or suggestions?



robdasailor wrote:

Whammo.  2.3MBPS TOPS…From one share to another?

Well, sure.   Moving files from one share to another always will use the network.  So whatever max speed over the network you get is what you get.

Using the My Cloud Desktop app does NOT have this limitation.

Now as to why you only get 2.3 MBps, that’s a whole other question.

You haven’t mentioned, yet, how you’re connecting.

WiFi or Wired? 

Sorry…it is a wired connection.  Using a Win7 Desktop as primary method of access.