Slow response ( please help)

Whatever I download I back it up in my Hard Drive (10A8 Elements) , if I play any video file It lags and runs very slow on all players , regardless of resolution ( VLC, Windows etc. ) , I tried changing the settings to high performance but nothing works , all the files lag or stutter . At first I thought it was Windows 10 but if I play the same file through my local disk it runs smoothly , and file transfer is beyond patience .

the only thing I can think of getting the USB wire changed .


I recommend you try changing the USB cable. You may also try formatting the drive.

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is there a way to save the files before a format , cause copying the files takes too long

Personally, I would hold off on a re-format unless I checked all other options and re-format is all that is left to try. Is this drive directly connected to the computer, and are you trying to view video on computer? Have you tried to view any other way; like to use mobile device?

PS, try connecting drive to another PC and see how it plays.

I bought a new USB 3.0 wire , but the problem still persists . I tried connecting it to another computer but it doesn’t show out there and when i unplug it the system asks for the device to be formatted .

All my work atm is limited to my laptop and most of the data in this hard drive is very important .

i even tried saving all the important files too my laptop but it takes too long and estimated time shows more than one day , and then it fails .

so is there no way around this ??

The Drive reads on the computer for around 15 minutes approx. and then it begins to lag in every process, from opening folders to playing videos .

and then after a while explorer stops responding and displays a notification saying that the computer cant recognize the device .

can it be a problem with the port , I’ve already tried changing wires , and have even plugged it on another computer where it isn’t even recognized.

I dont mind formatting the drive but I cant even create a backup for all my files on the local disk as well, so its a complete deadlock …

please help

Weil, that’s what I am trying to do! Although, I wish others here would pitch in and help. too.

Just don’t format that drive and lose all your data. Let’s cut this elephant into smaller pieces and:

  1. If you have another PC you can connect the drive to and see how it well it works, please do so.

  2. Remove the drive from the PC (to take it out of the picture) , then: Copy some problem videos onto a USB2 flash drive and see how they play from another source other than the problem Elements drive. Be sure to use a USB TWO flash drive, because there are problems folks are having with USB3 drives and computer ports, which I will tell you about after you get back to me on these last points.

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So i followed your instructions and this is what it amounted to , the copying rate is still slow , pc fails to detect drive after 5-6 minutes , file explorer lag , sometimes even no response , media lag as well .

its this a case of Bad sector ??

Which suggestion did you follow, #1 or #2, or both?
#1 tests your Elements drive and #2 tests your port and PC.

I also have a device with this issue… Please help. Its a 2TB My Passport device and I have lot projects & most impotent data on that device.
As I see this thing is a common failure on WD heard disks. I saw lot of questions posted on various web sites. But without a answers.
I still have warranty. But the thing is I got it from Malaysia. But I living in Sri Lanka. What can I do…


To both guys above, it is time for you to look beyond the user forum and get in contact with WD SUPPORT. at