Slow remote access vie home PC

Hello All,

Last week I purchase the Western digital 2TB My Book Live

and im very happy with it and suits my need perfect

but i have one small problem with the speed if accessing remotely

at the portacabin where the machine is i have 2 PC operating:

windows XP Professional 2002

the WD mybook is plugged into the router (BT Business Hub-038) via Ethernet cable

and the to PC plugged into the router via Ethernet cable 

i access the file through:

My Network Place, Local Network, Public on My Book Live Network Storage (MyBookLive)

and absolutely spot on…Very happy


when i (operating PC Windows Vista Professional, Ethernet to router)

or Phill (operating PC windows XP Profession 2002, Ethernet to router)

access from our home offices it is painfully slow to open items and view images

also it wont allow me to open a file edit it and save. Instead i have to save it to my desktop and then drag it in. For it to be saved for me to be able to access it at the portacabin next day

please could you help

kind regards Jason

PS would like to add ive just down loaded the WD2Go app for my Iphone and work remotely via WIFI quickly (dam site better then PC at home)

in case that helps answer my problem


It sounds to me like a configuration problem

trying mapping the drive on the problematic computers and see if you get better connection

check firewall and antivirus settings as well

Thank you for your reply

what is mapping please?

what am i checking firewall and anitvirus for?

many thanks


I have same problem related to low speed and cannot be able to save modified files directly.

Did anyone have same problem and know how to solve it?