Slow opening and saving word docs - but only in one folder?

We have a new My Cloud EX2 and have several folders with various small  around (55kb) word documents, one folder has over 1400 files in it and it takes a long time to open and save documents in this folder, other folders however with only a few files open and save very quickly, its only the folder with lots of files that is the issue.

Any Ideas?


All linux based NAS have the same problem with small files, 56 KByte are small. It’s a bit tricky to explain the background but I try my best:

Opening such small files is not an issue but saving those files.

The file itself will be written to the share, then afterwards the operating system changes the user rights (chmod) and the owner (chown). This three-steps-process is valid for all kind of files but the smaller the file is, the bigger is the so called system overhead. That’s unfortunately a fact and cannot be changed.

A possible solution would be to “clean up” this folder by creating several sub-folders to reduce the overall amount of files.

For example, David Tobit software runs a single folder with hundredthousands of 1 Byte files inside; this is a nightmare for any NAS on this planet :wink:

Thanks - I actually spoke to someone at WD support who basically gave me the same answer as you… makes sense now

Hello, i also too experienced SLOW write process but i overcame it by turning the drive into iSCSI mode and use the NAS as if was a HARD DISK inside the Main Server. Works extrmeely quickly.