Slow/non-existant transfer speeds over internet

I have set up my “my cloud” for access over the interweb, but when accessing it in this way I get a transfer speed of 0 bytes/s, which will occassionaly peek at 1 or 2 Mbytes/s for a second or two but then goes back to sitting a 0 bytes/s.  Speed is also slow when browsing files within Windows explorer.

Any possible ways to get it stable at anything above 0 bytes/s would be great.

I havn’t updated yet, but will do when I get home from work.  How would you recomend doing a benchmark test with this?

I want to add this as it gives everyone another way to upload files and see the speed and time it takes. See images below.

The above image is from the dashboard Help.


When the box above opens to see all the details as shown above you will need to click on More details at the bottom left.