Slow network connection with my WD My Cloud

I am facing problem with my WD My Cloud, its connection so slow, and even affected the whole network whenever i plug in the wd to my network.  I am using gigabit route, with cat6 cables, and the speed i can get for transfering both read and write only 11 - 13 Mpbs.    I am pretty sure is the network problem, i did press reset button 4 seconds, doesnt help.  Anyone can help me how to solve this issue ? More important is i want to transferring all my data out to another NAS, so in case this unit faulty i can ask for repair, but now i dont have any copy/backup for my data…  been few days trying to transfering the data out, but transfering 10GB data takes whole day.  

How do you access your NAS? Through windows explorer mapped network drives or through the WD My Cloud destop app?

I access through Apple Finder, i am using apple mac mini and mac book air.  I tried using AFP, is so slow, using my Cloud desktop app, is bit bitter, but when transfering folder above 20GB the mylcoud desktop will crashed…

I think the problem is with the mycloud, as i dont find any slow or trouble with my seagate central , which is connected to same network, same router, same cable…

i just need to transfer all my data out to seagate central or to external hdd, so i can fix or ask for return my wd cloud

Many users have reported that AFP is much slower than SMB. Try connecting using SMB.

I see… but how come when accessing the seagat central is fast and easy… 

i am installed the blackmagic speed test, i am testing it the seagate central is about 50MBps write and 100MBps read, but wd my cloud only max 12 - 13MBps both read/write,  isnt this is obvious that the wd should be in problem ?

I am seeking help how to get my data out from my cloud, that is my priority now… any other solution that you knew about it ?


anyone can help ?

Mine is also ridiculously slow - takes 15 mins to transfer 4GB to a brand new Mac - am returning it for a refund to Amazon next week once I’ve finally got all my files off it