Slow navigation on WD TV Media Player


I just bought a new WD TV Media Player for replacing an old WD Live Hub

The firmware was updated to the latest version without any problem.

I noticed that the navigation on the videos is very slow and I just discovered the cause.

Normaly I put on the same folder that I have the movies an image in “jgp” with the same name as the movie, e.g. I could have the files “Ironman.mkv” and “Ironman.jpg” for the movie “Ironman”

I did that because puting those two files in the WD Live Hub I could see the poster of the movie on the navigation, so it was easy to find and choose movies, and also it was more nice viewing on the screen.

But it seems that the new WD TV Media Player doesn’t like the system of having “jpg” and “mkv/avi” with the same name, so I cannot see any poster of the movies.

Is there any solution for that?

It was working perfectly on my old system.

Thanks in advance


Hi again

I did more tests, and it seems that if I resize the pictures to a smaller size (320 px width) the performance gets normal, so it seems that is not a problem of the existance of the pictures, it’s a problem of the size of the pictures.

At least I got a temporay solution, maybe on the next firmware that issue can be solved.


Welcome to the Community.

Thank you very much for highlighting what solved the issue for you. Hopefully it will be able to assist other Users in need.

Thumbnail resolution size and speed is no mystery (since the Gen1 days) … the wdtv’s internal get content info scales movie thumbnails down to approx 185x278  (personally i use my own thumbnails 300x450 under 70kb … which i’m happy with speed and quality)

however, it’s TV Show scrapper does not scale the posters (causing massive slowdown)

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