Slow MyBook. Is my setuo okay?


Just got my MyBook Live 2TB, but it is very slow on wireless. About 1mb/s. I have a Linksys wrt160N without Gigabit, so ii just bought a Gigabit switch to put between my router and my MyBook Live. But i dident help, just the same speed.

Mabye i connected it wrong, so i drawed a little picture of my setup ( I know it´s looks like a 5 year olds drawing :smileyvery-happy: )

Can anyone tell me, what to do/try?

Anything to set up in my router?


We’ll have to wait for a moderator to approve the image before we can see it.

How fast is it when you WIRE your PC instead of using wireless?

Try removing the switch and connecting directly to the router see if that changes.

Ahh okay.

Modem to Router (Linksyswrt160N) Router to gigabit switch, Gigabit switch  to MyBook Live. is that the right setup?

Havent checked the speed, but a file on 750 mb on wireless is about 10 min and on wired is about 1 min

with or without the switch, i get the same speed.

Ok.   Keep in mind that when you say “mb” that most people are going to interpret that as megaBITS, not megaBYTES.

So, if you copied a 750 MegaBYTE file in 1 minute wired, that equates to about 100 megaBITS per second.

Is your wired connection to your PC 100 megabits per second or 1 Gigabit per second?

Also, that would mean 10 megabits per second on wireless, which is close to the maximum if you’re using 802.11b wireless, and is not unusual if you’re using 802.11g wireless and the signal quality isn’t good.

I am using a Macbook pro 2.16, so mabye this old model don´t have Gigabit? It does not support 802.11n, så mabye 3-6 MB/secound is not to bad on wireless??

I don´t know if it is 100 megabits per second or 1 Gigabit per second. How do i check that?

Sorry, but i am totally new to network, so i try to learn :slight_smile:

Just tried to change the router setting to Wireless N, and turned on a pc (support N)on the home network, but the transfer speed was still the same.

Just checked my macbook Airport settings, and it says "Link speed 54 Mbit / s

i don’t see the point in adding a gigabit switch downstream from a 100MB router.  If the router can only pass 100MB from your modem, then the switch can only pass that much info per second to the MBL.

and if your router is only G wireless, then it can only pull that much info from the MBL.  Gigabit is only beneficial if you have a continuous gigabit bandwidth from source to destination.