Slow My Book Studio Drive

Hi all, hope you could help me out with some quistions:

In general why transfer rates between hard drives (SSD to raptor booth configured in Raid 0) start high then degrade like from 150 MB/s to 20 MB/s.

The main thing that attracted me to this drive was the fire wire. I believed it would have faster file transfers. I didn’t realize at first that its meant for Macs, however I connected it using the 1394 cable and went on formatting it to NTFS  to use it as a backup drive where I noticed how slow it was, to be sure I tested it on ATTO.

ATTO showed  (32/43) MB/s  W/R  speeds @ 512KB, but after exceeding that length speeds drop to (8/6) MB/s.

Tried changing the VIA driver to (Legacy) and turning RDC future off. Then ATTO caused the drive to stop responding, the drive will stay flashing forever and the system won’t shut down normally  until the drive is physically removed.

Connected it using USB cable and installed the SES driver. then tried Atto once more. Got 32/34 steady as the rest of my USB drives.

I even tried updating the F/W and software but nothing improved.

Any solutions? Or is the drive just faulty and I need to return it back?

OS: Win 7 64-bit

Mobo: ASUS P6T-delux

BTW What’s the purpose of the second 1394 connector?

I don’t know if people are understanding your question(s).  The first sentence implies a question that appears to be about SSD drives vs. Velociraptor drives, which has nothing to do with the My Book Studio drive. 

Is the My Book Studio transferring data slowly?  Are your other raid drives not working correctly?  Be more clear and specific.

Thanks for pointing that out. Hope now it’s simple enough J

  1. My studio drive starts transfers at 32 MB then drops to 8MB which I think is really slow for  firewire. Is this normal or am I wrong?
  2. What’s the advantage of having two firewire ports on the drive? Can I use the two at the same time?

Now am just getting greedy:

What’s the expected  transfer rates of internal SSD`s and raptors?

1)  Did you reformat the drive on XP?  If so, you may have to do an advance format on the drive.

2)  Supposedly for daisy chaining.  And, no, you can’t connect to multiple computers.  It could damage the drive.

For transfer rates, you would have to look at the spec sheets on our website.

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I formated it in win 7 to NTFS, so formating isnt the case.  Thanx Bill for you help