Slow motion/no audio

Well, I finally was able to get the component/av connection to work.  Unfortunately, my original problem persists, so I guess it wasn’t the hdmi causing the problem after all.  What happens is, I use the WDTVL+ mostly with
PlayOn for streaming of hulu, tv-links, cbs, syfy, among others.  Sometimes during, for no reason I can figure, the sound goes away and the video goes into “slow motion” for lack of a better description.  I can stop the video, back out and reselect it, resume play, and it usually plays okay through remainder of show, but sometimes it will recur once or twice.  This is not with all videos and not all sites and no specific time frame (10 minutes, 30 minutes, etc.) really no common dominator that I can determine.  I was sure it was hdmi related, but obviously not since the same thing happened with just one video tonight without hdmi connection.  Anyone ever heard of this weird sort of thing?

That can happen if there’s the slightest glitch between the WDTV and the PC running PlayOn.

It can also happen (but different symptoms) if your internet is congested.

Figures.  I’m about ready to give PlayOn the boot.  Tried several devices that are supposed to work with it so great.  Not so much.  Maybe I just have a low frustration level, but it’s getting on my last good nerve!  Thanks for reply.

Before you give up, go into the PlayOn control panel and do the connection tests.   See what it says about it.

Are you referring to the bandwidth?  If so, it says “maximum.”  If you mean PC performance, that shows “medium.”  I know I don’t have a super duper PC, but the WDTVL+ if the only device that’s given the me the slow motion/no sound issue.  It’s funny, but before I started “shopping around” for a device that would provide better quality video/audio streaming via PlayOn, I was watching via Wii, which certainly lacked in the PQ department, but never gave me a single problem otherwise … no freezing or booting me out of video, no slow motion, no losing audio, no “incompatible file type” or anything.  Kinda wishing I had kept it.  Oh, well, too much time spent watching the tube anyway.