Slow media playback and no navigation - MyCloud 2TB


New to this so hoping someone can help. I have just bought the MyCloud 2TB and uploaded a few films in hqdivx (which when checking properties appears to be .avi). I am trying to stream to multiple devices with a few problems!

Nexus 7: Very, very slow. Using MX Player, streaming over wi-fi.

Samsung C6530 using DLNa: No ability to scan through film, chaptering etc. I used to get these options on a USB connected WD external HD playing the same files but not with WD MyCloud for some reason.

Windows 8 phone: Simply states filetype not supported. Installed MoliPlayer but still no luck opening the file.

Laptop: All works perfectly fine. Playback in vlc or windows mediaplayer all good.

Set up: Ethernet to TV and XBOX, wireless to laptop and Nexus7 via BT HomeHub5.

Any suggestions would be most welcome.


To improve the connection with the My Cloud, make sure that you are using a router with gigabit connection as this will help you to stream the files better.

What firmware are you running on the device?

Many thanks. The router is a gigabit router. I’ve played around and now think it’s the software transcoding on the nexus 7 is slow. Routed films through Xbox instead on Samsung TV. Xbox seems to have more grunt and plays and navigates well. If you have any thoughts on getting spead out of the nexus or hardware decoding I’d be very grateful. Of course this could all be wrong. Cheers