Slow MBL transfer speeds over Gb network

I have a MBL 3Tb and a MyNet Central 900 1Tb.

I’m trying to transfer files from the MBL to the Central 900.

I’ll be moving soon and the MBL is mine and my parents just bought the Central 900.

My desktop computer has a Gigabit ethernet card with cat6 to the Central 900 which is Gigabit and that goes over cat6 to the MBL.

I’ve been lucky to get about 5.5Mb/s out of my box. I’ve tried both FTP & Teracopy.

I’ve also been looking into transfering the files via ssh or putty but haven’t figured that out yet.

Overall, I need to transfer a Terrabtye worth of data from the MBL to the Central 900.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.



This is quite unusual. What are the specifications of the host system used to initiate the transfer process? I understand the information is being transferred between two other devices, however, the host computer system is the one to transfer, redirect, analyze, compress, and distribute the data packages.

Hey there. Thanks for the reply.

The host computer that is diong the transfer has the following specs:

Local Area Connection of 1.0 Gbps

4.0 GB Ram

2 Quad CPU @2.33 GHz

64 Bit Operating System

Vista Home Premium

Do you know of any way to transfer the files via ssh?



I manage 77MB/s read / 45MB/s write with my MBLs, I made changes yesterday and one was running at around 5MB/s tops, turned out to be a bad 5e patch lead…

I get the same results on different computers. Each computer has it’s own ethernet cable.

Are you sure the transfer isn’t going over wi-fi??

The computer’s specs that I listed doesn’t have a wifi card in it.

Have you tried connecting each piece of gear separately, directly to the PC, and assessed speeds up/down??

Is the MBL connecting at gigabit speed - ie is the green LAN link light green?

I’ve only managed to connect the MBL directly to my pc once with help from advanced tech support from Western Digital. I would like to try again but need instructions to get it to connect.

Yes the LAN link light is green and not yellow. I do understand the LAN link light to be on the back of the unit where the ethernet plugs into the MBL.