Slow loading after Blue Screen on my WDC WD10EZEX-60ZF5A0 (1000GB)

Hey Guys,

So i was recording some gameplay of Final Fantasy XIV through ShadowPlay, after about an hour of constant recording, i tried to stop Shadowplay and as i did i got a Blue Screen.

I have windows and some software installed on an SSD.
But all my games, including steam and Final Fantasy were installed on a secondary set of 2, 1 TB harddrives (SATA) which are RAID 1 (Mirrored) together.

When i booted up my computer again, i noticed that everything on my secondary Harddrive started to run extrememly sluggish, Steam would load super slowly and all my games either take ages to load or just hang in game.

Im worried that one of my harddrives is messed up. I tried running HDTune, to see if i could find any damaged data blocks, and all came back green, no reds, though one of my harddrives was struggling a bit to get through the scan, it was skipping in the scan in 2 second increments.

Im wondering if its having trouble reading the information, as i did find that the shadowplay videos i recorded could keep up and was constantly skipping or lagging behind.

Does anyone have any idea about if im correct in thinking my harddrive is damaged? if so what can i do about it since they are RAID 1? I just want to get my PC back up and running again and im a bit worried as i use my pc alot, not just for gaming but also work!

Thankyou for any time you can offer! i appreciate it! :smiley:i hope i posted this in the right place! 

it seems that one of your drives got some kind of failure

can you turn one  drive at a time and confirm that one is slugish?

hdtune for example  ( also exchange sata cables ( sometimes is the sata cable broken/damaged  and no HDD fault)  it happened to me with a1 year old use cable and it seemed like new looking at the cable


Thanks so much for the reply! 
So i got some HD Tune results, maybe you can make some sense of them.

also an Imgur Link for higher res (just  incase):

As far as i can tell,  “Drive 2” seems to be performing a little bit slowly. and for some reason doesnt show a temperature at the top and also has something in the health section in yellow which i really dont understand.
When i was doing the Error scan, the green blocks were lagging behind a bit and only loading the progress in 2 second incriments, while Drive 1 was loading is as a constant progression. 

Hopefully some of this information can help! 

Thanks again! really appriciated! :slight_smile:

Install hard disk sentinel and see the status :slight_smile:

It seems that the drive 2 is your next RMA

Glad you where using raid 1

So i downloaded and installed Hard Disk Sentinel.

It came back saying that both drives were “PERECT” 100% health and performance for both drives! 
The only differences i have seen are in the S.M.A.R.T information tab.


Im not sure if you can make some sense of this information or not:(

Thanks again! 

continue testing that 2 drive that we saw problems on the picture

If you still get slowdows rma it… some defect appeared