Slow iPhoto library transfer from NAS to iMac picture folder


I have iMac with fresh instaled Mavericks and Nas drive (MyBookLive). NAS drive ir conected to Time Capsule. Before I reinstall my iMac to Mavericks I move my iPhoto libary (over 300GB) to MyBookLive. It takes about 16Hr

So, when I install fresh Mavericks I have to move my iPhoto libary back to iMac, but in 24hr it transfer only 450MB. Its so slow! With Mountain Lion I moved 150GB music folder without problems. MyBookLive have latest Firmware.

Where is a problem?


Is the computer wired or wireless? If is wireless, test the transfer with a wired connection.

Have you tried performing a power cycle on the unit?

Also check the setting on the new system that is the only thing that have changed since the transfer speed drops.