Slow Internet after installing MyBook Live

I just bought a MyBook Live Home Network Drive and soon after setting it up both my wife and I noticed significant slow-down accessing the external internet. Loading web pages are very slow.

Here’s the LAN setup: DSL modem with 4 ethernet ports – first to the WD MyBook, second to a AirPort Express for wireless for use by a MacBook Air, third to a Windows laptop, forth to a hub. This hub has a Canon MP640 printer, MacBook, and Windows XP desktop.

Without the MyBook all computers are very zippy to the internet. Soon after setting up the MyBook everything slows down. I’m trying to figure out what causes this. I have accessed the MyBook as a mapped drive on both one Windows computer as well as the MBA. I’ve shut down the MyBook (from the UI interface) and all seemed to get faster. Then things slowed down again. I’ve used both DHCP for all devices then used static IP addresses for all (192.168.1.x) computers as well as the MyBook. The slowness is the same.

The slowness is intolerable. Can someone suggest a fix or must I return the drive for another brand?

So the problem goes away when you power down the MyBook Live??

Yes! And the slowness seems to return at some point. However, I haven’t yet determined what, if any, action taken on my end might cause this. Not in my original post: I have iTunes on both Mac’s media folder location pointing to the music folder on the MBL as a shared drive (not as an iTunes share).

Could the slow-down start when I access the MBL via the mapped drive either on OSX or Windows XP?

Could it be using iTunes through the mapped drive?

If that’s the case, well, that’s a deal-breaker AFAIK.

I spend all day working on computers. I don’t want to be a sys-admin when I get home.


Are you using the MioNET service?

I have no idea what it could be…  Mine doesn’t do a thing to my internet access…

Try this, what happens to the internet speed if you leave the MyBookLive connect to its current port on the DSL, BUT remove the hub from its connection? What happens?

Enable ssh and log in to your drive and enter ‘netstat’.

If it is really your device doing it, you should see there a lot of connections.

Over the past few days Internet access has been fine. I still don’t know what the problem was but I have a guess that, after setting all my LAN devices to static IP addresses and excluding this range of addresses from the router DHCP server, that I might have forgotten to reboot the router. After a router reboot I have not had a problem. Related? Possibly.

In answer to previous questions:

Not current using MioNET service so turned off for all users.

Removing hub or not made no difference. MBL is directly into router, not hub. Only a couple of devices have been plugged into hub w/ no noticable affect on speed.

I enabled ssh, logged into MBL and ran netstat. Only 5 TCP connections – 2 for Time Machine (each maps to a IP address of appropriate computer), 2 that look like they are servicing apache httpd each for a different computer accessing the MBL UI, 1 for my open ssh connection.

I think I might be all set. Thanks.