Slow game load/stuttering with WD Black PCI-E on new Ryzen build


Hi all,

I just built a new gaming rig with a RYZEN 2700x, gigabyte gaming wifi-7 (x470 chipset) and a WD black pci-e nvme 512gb SSD. Windows 10 Pro x64 using the WD ssd as the boot drive. I loaded up my steam library, installed Assassins creed origins to the WD ssd and when I went to play the loading times were very high (30+sec) and the FPS stuttered and would have massive drops. Moved the game folder via Steam to my old Samsung 830 SSD, fired up the game and it loads under 2 sec and is buttery smooth. Did I get a dud drive? Are there settings I’m missing or should know about? Thanks all!



Fixed it, so in case anyone has a similar build/issue…I was using the M2B_SOCKET on the motherboard. I moved the drive to the M2A_SOCKET and everything it is much better