Slow game load/stuttering with WD Black PCI-E on new Ryzen build

Hi all,

I just built a new gaming rig with a RYZEN 2700x, gigabyte gaming wifi-7 (x470 chipset) and a WD black pci-e nvme 512gb SSD. Windows 10 Pro x64 using the WD ssd as the boot drive. I loaded up my steam library, installed Assassins creed origins to the WD ssd and when I went to play the loading times were very high (30+sec) and the FPS stuttered and would have massive drops. Moved the game folder via Steam to my old Samsung 830 SSD, fired up the game and it loads under 2 sec and is buttery smooth. Did I get a dud drive? Are there settings I’m missing or should know about? Thanks all!


Fixed it, so in case anyone has a similar build/issue…I was using the M2B_SOCKET on the motherboard. I moved the drive to the M2A_SOCKET and everything it is much better

I just read the manual on your board and the M2B slot is only pcie 4x of GEN2, whereas the M2A slot is the pcie 4x of GEN3. kind of misleading where Gigabyte touts the ability to RAID the M2A and M2B slots but it’s going to pretty much lower performance in every scenario
Basically only use the SATA M.2 drives in the M2B slot, a high speed NVMe will be completely bottlenecked.