Slow frame rate streaming to xbox 360


I just bought and set up mybook live, and while the product was easy to set up and runs greeat, I have notice a slight dip in frame rate when I stream it to my xbox 360.  I have ripped some of my dvd collection to the drive in mp4 format, and the frame rate is just enough slower to be noticeable.  I do not have the same problem while streaming to my computer, so I was wondering  if anyone knows what the problem might be i’d be very appreciative

We need more details about your network. Is the XBOX wired or wireless? If Wireless what type (N/G/etc.) What else is going on in the network?

Also what codecs are you using for both video and audio? How many reference frames did you set for your encode? There are quite a number of things that could be causing issues… what happens when you try to play other files through it?

I appologize in advance for my lack of techincal prowess, i dont know what a lot of that means.  The xbox is wireless,  though i do not know what type.  How would i go about figuring that out?  Again, I dont know what codecs im using or how many reference frames i set in my encode, do you know how i could figure that out?  I havent tried to play any other types of files through the xbox from the my booklive, but i can try.  Do you mean different like an audio file, or just a different foramtting of video files?

Try connecting it with a wired connection and see if that helps first… if it does it’s likely due to the wireless connection.