Slow file transfer

I have recently upgraded my home wifi network to wireless N 300 Mbps. I was careful to make sure my pc’s adapter, my router, and my WD TV’s adapter are all wireless N 300 Mbps. I have not tried streaming, but I am transfering files over from my pc hard drive to the WD TV’s hard drive. They transfer speed is about 1 MB/second which seems low. Anyone know how to increase the speed? What speed should I be expecting on my current network?

PS - a wired connection to the hub is not an option.

Really slow considering you can get 10 megabytes or more

the network condition will definitely affect the performance

check this post for additional info

Mine was even slower than 1MB/sec! I had a Netgear WRN2000V3 router (Wireless N 300) and a D-LINK DWA-130 USB adapter. Besides being slow, I had connection issues, so I bought a D-LINK DIR-825 and my issues pretty much went away.

Speed was up a little over 1MB/sec… still very slow. Someone screwed around with my router and reset all it’s settings. I just today got around to setting the WD back up in the router and man it’s up to a high of over 3MB/sec (that was with some mp3’s and it didn’t stay that high), but with video it stayed at a constant 2.49MB/sec. I’m about 20 to 25 feet from the router.

I’ve since locked up the router in a box with a lock so nobody can touch it. Drilled some holes in a plastic box for cables and antenna to stick out.

I have isssues with playing MOV files at 49 Mbps. The wirelsss WDTV Live unit was connecting at 200 mpbs, even thou, it could not play the MOV files without jittering.

So, I have replaced all the WD LIVE TV units with Live TV Hub, and giga bit connections. All plays well now.

It just amazing, that even thou a 200 mbps connection, it could not play the movie.

How do you know it was connecting at 200 mbps?   Does your Wireless Rotuer tell you that?

You can use a program - Lan Speed Test from Totusoft it’ll check your speed from a PC to the Hub and you can set the size of the file it uses to make the test. It’s portable so you can run it and no actual install is made and it’ll run from a memory stick or card…pretty neat little program. I would provide a link but everytime i do I get in trouble around here :slight_smile:

Yes, the router tells me so… 200 mbps connection spped. It show other device too at 54 etc