Slow EX2Ultra even within the same Network HDD

Slow Configuration even within the same HDD

My Raid1 8TB MyCloudEX2Ultra is extremely slow. First I thought about my home network and issues with that but even if i try to copy a file within the cloud, from one folder to another (for example from public to smartware) the transfer speed drops to ca. 3 MB/s so the file of 860 MB takes at least 5 Minutes. I tried all the test possibilities and it is always saying everything is fine, but that’s not true something must be broken!! What should be the normal speed for such a transfer I think at least 50MB/s or more close to 100 MB/s

Unless you’re doing the copy operation from the EX2’s command line, remember that the file is moving through your PC. So the network is being used both directions to copy a file from one share to another.

Copy from Share to Share – Goes through PC
Move from Share to Share – Goes through PC
Copy between folders within same share – Goes through PC
Move between folders within same share – No need to go through PC.

Thx for this answer, so this would explain the values and that I have an Issue with my Network.

So I will try some configurations, with my current Notebook I just get up to 6 MB/s