Slow downlod


hi there,
i have problem with slow downlod.
i will explain, in my home network i can download the file on my cloud VERY FAST, but when my freind try to download a 2 gb file from my cloud it will take 8 hours…
he have 50 mega download and 1 mega upload…
whats the problem???


Okay you say you can download very fast . From where did you download and at what speed.

Also it depends on your ISP speed not the your friend download speed.

You ISP should be able to give equal upload speed say if its 100 Mbps down and 10mbps up.

Your friend can download close to 5-8Mbps only apart from the left out bandwidth of your family.

So check your ISP rated upload speed. Then come back on the details.


I found this also. It was our uploadING Internet speed. You could try compressing yr files. I don’t think is much you can do other than order a faster broadband.


Media files compressing wont do much . So upload speed is hard to get as its always 1:10 ratio . Unless its a gig internet where the contention ratio is 1:1 ie 1gb down and 1gb upload. Symmetric.