Slow download plus hard lockups

I upgraded from Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 10 Pro. The desktop has a 240GB SSD for the OS and a 2TB HDD for data.

The 2TB data drive had permissions problems, so I moved 983 GB (853,377 items) to my 3TB My Cloud NAS. The NAS went from having ~1.1 TB on the drive to 2TB. The upload took just about 70 hours. I expected this timing, as that is the time the first backup took from this computer.  The desktop is connected to a gigabyte router via ethernet. Two other computers with minimal data also backup to the NAS via wifi.

I reformatted the data drive and started download the data (983 GB) back to the drive. After a couple of days, the download was stuck at 3 percent complete. I stopped the download to make sure the desktop wasn’t trying to backup and stopped the computer from sleeping.

I started the transfer. Things were going smoothly, but then got a hard lockup of the transfer roughly 24 hours after the transfer started. Rebooted the NAS and started the download again. The pattern would return for the next 5 days. After roughly 24 hours, the download would freeze and a require a hard reboot.

Several days into the download, I got notification to update the firmware to v.04.04.00-307. That happened on Friday, September 25, so the pattern still happened after the change in firmware. In all, the download of the data took just over 7 days, so it was roughly half the speed of the upload.

From the chart, you can see the cyclical pattern in the download of files. As soon as the rate of file downloads hit 0 per hour, the NAS would freeze and require the reboot.

Any tips for improving the download performance of a large group of files?

Hi there,

The computer you are using  to transfer, is connected wirelessly or wired to the network?

The computer is attached via ethernet to a gigabit router. Both the computer and the My Cloud have negotiated 1,000 mbps connections (green lights on the back).