Slow data transfer

Just setting up My Cloud Home. I have selected a Folder of 356GB for desktop sync. So far it has taken 19 hours to transfer 78 GB.

Is this normal?

See the dedicated subforum for the My Cloud Home. This subforum is generally for a different device, the single bay My Cloud, which has different features/options than the My Cloud Home.

As to your issue of slow transfer. You didn’t indicate how your network is setup, is the My Cloud Home connected to a gigabit network router? How is the device you are syncing the data from connected to the local network? Using WiFi or using Ethernet cable?

There are any number of reasons why data transfer to another network device may be slow. It often comes down to the network hardware and if one is transferring to or from a WiFi connected device. In real world conditions most network devices never reach the full advertised network speed due to many factors including the speed of the network connection, speed of the hard drive storage medium, speed of the computer/network device motherboard, WiFi security, etc.

Thanks for your reply. My iMac is connected via WiFi to my home network router and the My Cloud is connected to the router via Ethernet cable.

You need to look at the WiFi speed of the iMac, the WiFi speed of the router, and if the My Cloud is connected to a Gigabit router. All three can impact copy speed. WiFi tends to be slower than a wired Gigabit connection. Often, the initial sync or backup over Wifi takes a very long time. Sometimes days depending on the Wifi speed and how much data is being backed up.

I have an Asus RT-AC68U router and on 5 GHz IT takes almost 12 hours tot backup 500GB and with a gigabit Cat5 cable IT takes around 3 hours.