Slow data transfer -Mypassport Eseential SE 1 TB

Hi there , i have 1TB my passport essential , initialy it was working perfectly fine  , but lately i am unable to work it with following problems

1- take time to be recognised by my Vaio ( avg 10- 15 min), some times it completely fails unless i unplug and reconnects it

2- once icon appears then it take time to read all the files and folders ( avg 15- 20 minutes)

3- not able to open folders , once i click on folder it  takes time to read all the files in it

4- All the Jpeg image comes in white icon and slowly appears into original format.

5- if i want to copy a 100KB FILE it take 10-15 minute to read  and copy and another 10-15 minutes to save at my hard disk

6-  Almost every time when i  click any file to copy /paste then my PC and drive both gets frozen for few minutes and then many time i need to abort the operation through task manager

Although i am able to see all the files and documents but it is really impossible to copy and past them back to my hard disk  as i  want to do to save my all my data back to my hard disk

Hey there, according to advises that I have received with my passport, you should make sure you connect the drive directly to the computer bypass any USB Hubs or adapters, if you have Windows use CheckDisk to test and Defragment the drive. You can also use Data Lifeguard Diagnostics to run the Extended test on the drive. If the software encounters errors it will try to repair them.

Thanks for the advise , i tried data lifeguard extend test but even this test failed in the middle saying " too many segments corrupted" , copy - paste option is not possible due to Extreme slow speed - i need many lives to finish this. is their any way i just copy my data from this disk to my PC as i reallly want to through this WD passport into trash and will never use them again - I live in Dubai so any idea where i can for data recovery or any WD office…

Finaly i lost my drive , it is dead now and dont know what to do?? when i connect the drive it sounds like it is starting but then few seconds later i can hear some squeaking sound coming and then it stops completely with only a small light blue light on at the side , can anyone help