Slow data transfer Aoole Time Machine

I have installed a MyCloud 2 TB on my network one primary goal is to support my three Apple MAC computers via the Time Machine. I know that I am limited by my local wireless network but still the MyCloud is slow. For example my displayed 802.11 AC network speed is displayed at 697 Mbps and I am transferring 2.15 GB. The Time Machine estimates the transfer to take 9 hours. If you do the math the transfer should take about 39 minutes. My MAC Book Air is running alone on my network and the MyCloud is only supporting the one task.

Any ideas on the slow transfer?

I intended to title the question with APPLE Time Machine>

Start by seeing the following thread on slow copying:

Next, others have had trouble with TimeMachine taking a long time to backup the computer.

If your using El Capitan there are issues with that MAC OS as well.

From looking at the responses and doing a litttle research on the Time Machine product I think that this is a shared Apple/WD problem. The combination of MyCloud and Time Machine does work - but the first backup and all subsequent backups that follow a OS X update could take a day to complete. But considering that this problem can be re-created - I am at a loss as to why in cannot be solved.