Slow Dashboard Response Times

I can get the MBL dashboard to come up on my browser but I am suffering 10-20 second response times as I navigate through the screens. I don’t think it is a general problem with my network as I can generally surf the net with 1-3 second response/render times.

I also suffer the same sluggish behaviour when I browse the MBL folders through my mapped network drive.

I powered down all my other devices that use my wireless network (ipad, printer, tv) and performed power cycles to the router, MBL and my laptop but with no improvement to performance.

I’ve also let the system ‘bed in’ as there is quite a bit of activity when the laptop files are initially categorised by Smartware

My laptop runs Windows 7 and I have a talktalk wireless router

I have the latest firmware installed on my 2TB MBL and the latest Smartware on my laptop.

The MBL is plugged into my wireless router and I converse with the MBL on my laptop over the wireless network.

Is there a list of checks I can do to improve the performance?

Hi, the link below might have some useful suggestions for you.

What version of firmware does your MyBook Live have?  The latest firmware is supposed to address the slow dashboard issue.  May take a while to login to the dashboard and sign-out but the Dashboard UI is reasonably quick.