Slow Copying Files from Laptop to MyBookLive 3TB

I am resigned to the fact that I will only get a slow transfer rate of about 1Mb/s when copying files from my laptop to MBL, and that is with both laptop & MBL connected to my wireless router.

I did follow someone’s suggestion of connecting both my laptop and MBL to a Gigabit switch and was I thrilled when I was getting anywhere between 17MB/s and 40Mb/s transfer rate! However this only lasted for a few days until this morning when my laptop auto-rebooted after applying MS security patches, and for some unknown reason the transfer rate dropped to 1-2Mb/s. I reseated the laptop ethernet cable at both laptop and Gigabit switch ends and that made no difference.

Try to disable the wireless connection on the laptop if you are wired connected.

1-2 sounds like you are connected wireless G.

I did make sure I disabled wireless.