Slow connection via MyCloud Desktop (Outside of Home Network) - From a single specific location

I’ve seen many posts about slow connections etc. This one is a bit different.

Inside my network the cloud drive is fine and fast

Outside the network at MOST locations using the desktop app, the speed if fine and fast

From ONE specific location (where remote worker is) the connection is extreamly slow - I was visiting them the other day with my own computer and got the same results. So I know it isn’t their computer but rather something with the internet

Getting 100MB + on the down and 15MB+ on the up.

Both this remote location and the home location of the drive are on Comcast.

The router / modem at the remote location has been rebooted and other sites are fine. 

Are there any suggestions as what do look at / adjust / ping / etc



When you are at the location do you look around to see how many people are using computers and may be on the internet too? They are taking up bandwidth too.

I always look around when I am at Barnes and Noble using their wi-fi if it is slow. Most of the time there are four or five others using their computers so I figure they may be using the wi-fi too.

Are you sure about the speed you are showing. I have Time Warner Cable and here is an image of what I get. If Comcast is that fast I will sure be glad when they take over TWC in the near future.

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cat0w (USA)

  1. Yes I am certain of the speed - We did (note: this is the comcast x1 platform - which starts at 50MB on the down for the basic package)

  2. This is a home office and there was 1 desktop and 1 laptop online and we had the same result regardless of which connection we used.

We went to a starbucks and had MUCH faster connection to the cloud drive… we didn’t check the bandwidth, however it the past(at this locaiton) it has been similar to what you are you showing with TWC

I’m thinking this is a cache issue somewhere, just not sure where or how to clean it.

Thanks for the input so far.

exactly how slow? and is the issue upload or download?

If it is upload and your numbers are similier to the TW screen shot then about 80KBps is about the best you can expect

I should have been more specific… the slowness is on the directory browsing.

Upon lanuching of the desktop app, we get the typical certificate warning, it then takes 3-5 minutes (or more) until the root of the share is displayed - this is compared to under 1 minute on other connections.

This slowness continues every time we drill down into a subfolder.


assuming this is Windows try running resource or performance monitor from the taskmanager performance tab during this process.

actually start it before this and watch for substantial changes and probably a screen shot. Just trying to get an idea of what it is doing during this time

Are you able to provide an image of your speed test. The best I can find on a search of Comcast is showing a download of 50 Mbps.

I would love to have 100 MBps. Even 50 MBps would be great.

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cat0w (USA)

Per the requests…I have attached the speed test results - Comcast X1 Platform.

I’ve also attached the task manager shots. Although as I previously posted this happended on both a PC (Desktop) and Mac (Notebook), yet when we go around the corner on a different internet connect on the Mac the app responsiveness is back to normal.

Hence something with the WD App / Utitliy on THIS specific comcast connection - Any thoughts / where to look what to check


It is hard to see your image but it appears to be showing 109.20 Mbps not 100 MBps. According to my calculator it would take 839 Mbps to equal 100 MBps.

I use wifi on both my computers and just updated my TWC service yesterday so I now get around 23 Mbps download and 2.5 Mbps upload speed, cost Ten more dollars per month. My Wireless Network Connection (802.11n) Status shows I can get a speed up to 72 Mbps, however most of the time it shows as 65 Mbps.

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cat0w (USA)

Regardless of the speed test the question still remains, why over this one connection is the Desktop App so slow, but from everywhere else it isn’t

The drive and the internet connection speed are fine it is specifically something with the desktop app in this one location as the app on the notebook has the same issue in this location but fine in other locations

Anything else to test??

within task manager I wanted to see the resource monitor that is started from the performance tab