Slow connection between ipad and mybooklive


I am a new user and I found that the function of my book live is great for us!

I can put all my videos, music , photos etc… on it and play on any devices.

I found that I can play video smoothly on my notebook under WIFI connection.

however, when I tried to connect to my book live with my ipad (gen1), the buffering time is quite long and the video stoped each few second. it’s not possible for me to watch any video.

I just put an video which is capture by my mobile phone. I suppose it can be ran smoothly but not.

it’s there any problems with my devices?

Or what kind of setting I should use to let my ipad can play video sucessfully?

can anyone sucessfully play video on ipad?

can you send me a sample video so that I can find out the root of the problem?



Before we start diagnosing your iPad, why don’t you tell us a little bit about the videos you are trying to play. How are they encoded? What container type are they in? Could you provide a full mediainfo log?