Slow Backup to my 4tb Wireless My Cloud

New at this backing up thing … anyone have any clue or idea how long a 25GB backup would or should take (this was all pictures) it took approximately 18-20 hrs … it finally did finish … is this normal (if not how do I make it faster ???) … Now I’m trying to do the remainder of the backup categories it dictates … Documents … movies etc etc … and it was a total of 21 GB well for some reason it stopped and it’s only at 5.9 GB of the total and it was going ALL day since approx. 6:20am … I’m just curious if this is normal for this type of backup system … On a second note when it says it monitors the folders selected for backup and updates when we make a change … how do I know what folders are what … etc ???

thanks for any help …

windows 10

First, which My Cloud device do you have? Does it look like this ? If your answer is yes then how do you have it connected to your router?

For this device, your initial backup will take a while depending on how much you have to backup, your network setup and the devices you have. Future backups will not take as long. Use the following link for more information and virtually any questions you have should be answered.

yes that is the one … small cat5 cord from back of Cloud to my router directly … the total back up was approx. 46GB … (25GB of photo’s took approx. 16-18 hours) … this normal ?? thanks for the reply …

From your topic I take it you did this wireless, wifi. Do you have 802.11ac? The time sounds right for your initial backup.

yes wireless … could it be plugged directly to my laptop and do the original backup faster ??? or am I dreaming … lol lol not sure what an 802.11ac is ??? lol told you I was new … I stopped the back up as it looked it was stuck on a certain point and wouldn’t move from it … the rest of the 22 GB was running all day and only got to 5.9GB and it seemed to have stopped backing up … (hadn’t moved from a that number for at least an hour) so that’s when I stopped the backup as it was annoying … thanks again for the replies … very much appreciated …

Calculate the data transfer rate:

25e9 * 8 / (186060) = 3Mbit/s

For fairly large files like photos, this is pathetic. Try moving your computer close to your router, or connect your computer to your router using wired Ethernet.

You ought to be able to achieve 40Mbyte/s write speed on large files, assuming you have gigabit ethernet on computer and router.

thanks … I’ll give that a shot … appreciate the feed back …

How are you doing your backups, are you doing drag and drop, using SmartWare or another backup program?

802.11ac is a wifi connection/adapter. See image below. Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

Use this link for more on wifi 802.11, .

this is what it says when I follow the wifi properties … Broadcom 802.11n Network Adapter … is this correct ???

this is why I am not a computer technician … too much info needed … lol lol thanks again …

I’m using WD Smartware …(think I have Pro but it doesn’t say PRO) … this is why everyone should know a computer Guy !!

N rate transfers whilst OK are fairly slow now compared with the new AC router connections.

Photos are also generally fairly small these days compared to media files such as movies etc, lots and lots of smaller files take a long time to copy , way longer than larger ones.

Copying over wifi will slow the transfer rates even further , either get a USB3 external drive to plug into the back of the WDMyCloud and copy them there or connect your PC/Laptop to the router directly using CAT5 cable for faster transfers.

If your router only has one networking socket , you can buy a 4 port unmanaged switch fairly cheaply , plug that into your router then your MyCloud and laptop into the switch instead.

Even then with a lot of small files , the initial transfer will still take a while.

Since you are using SmartWare open it and click on the Help tab for more information and see if you already have pro. See image below. Use this link to download the SmartWare User Manual.

thanks everyone for the answers / info and comments … I’ve decided this is a job for someone else that does these things … lol I’ll be hiring a tech guy to set it up properly and have it work like I want it too … thanks again everyone much appreciated …