Slow and Unresponsive

I recently plugged in My Cloud after being gone for 2-weeks, following the instructions for pluggiing into the router and power.  It was very slow communicating with a computer hardwired to the router, so I unplugged, waited awhile, changed router ports and tried again.  No change.  My setup is as follows.

1 modem, 1 win8, 1 Win XP computer and 1 My Cloud wired with Ethernet cables into a wireless Linksys router.  I’m using the supplied cable for the My Cloud connection

I’ve experimented by copying a single 100mb file from the Win 8 computer through the network  to both the Win XP computer and My Cloud.  It took ~7sec. for the XP copy, but 3.5 minutes to go to My Cloud.  The dashboard often fails to load with a “Connection Reset” error.  When I manage to get into dashboard, it leaves both capacity or contents blank.  The task bar’s “Quick View” reports 0% used and an unknown temperature.  Windows Explorer reports My Cloud as 3.57TB with 279GB free, which I believe is accurate.  I tried the quick diagnostic test, but it failed with a “diagnostic_test_progress_form_error”.   I cancelled the test and 20-minutes later, the Dashboard reported that My Cloud was still “updating” from the cancelled test.  On other occasions, the diagnostic test options are greyed out.

I’ve been using files from My Cloud, Though very slow, I think the data is intact. 

Don’t know if I’m experiencing communications or software problems.  I’d appreciate any help.


If you have uploaded a lot of files recently to the NAS, it will take a few days to ingest the content and finish its file indexing, thumbnailing, conversion, etc. During that time, it appears that processing services are overwhelming the file sharing services for computing resources, hence the lack of responsiveness.

Give it a few days to settle down, then report back.

Thanks, but I’ve not uploaded a lot of files recently.  My Cloud’s drive is busy spinning though and has been since plugging it in 5-days ago.

Just an FYI.  I uploaded approximately 20  files totalling 100mb 5-days ago…soon after I powered up from my 2-week absence  The other 2+TB in files has been on my cloud for a long time and was not clogging up the works before I unplugged My Cloud.  Seems unreasonable for it to take more than five days to index 20 modified files.  Perhaps it is re-indexing the entire drive after leaving it unplugged for 2-weeks??  If that’s the case, I’ll need to leave plug it into a UPS.  The My Cloud is used in my business and I can’t afford days or weeks of productivity loss each time My Cloud loses power. 

Will wait a few more days and let you know if the situation improves.

Did I read correctly - “a few days to ingest the content and finish its file indexing, thumbnailing, conversion, etc.” ?  

What is the purpose of such lengthy processing?  Is is needed? Can those draining functions be disabled so that it can run like a regular network drive?

Thanks, Etupes

I’ve waited…waited…and waited.  Indexing took 20 days, but is now done and the drive is somewhat again.  It’s now plugged into a UPS so it will stay energized.  FYI, the dashboard is not working, reporting “Reaing Configuration Information”, but nothing follows.  I can live without the dashboard.

I’m reading the links about turning off services.  May do this to stop the time-wasting indexing.

Thnaks again