Slow and fustrating

just bought the mbl 3t and it was easy enough to setup and connect to. it just appeared in my finder on my mac, pretty cool. started copying data to it and it is so slow and the ui is not responsive anymore. very disapointing to have such a poor experience with a product from a company as reputable as wd. think i will return this and get a synology.

I have seen some complaints from MAC users about slow file copy speeds…Not sure there is a known fix for that…

Do you have media serving turned on for the folders you are copying files to?

This will slow the dashboard down like you say for awhile, depending on how much data you put on the drive as it indexes your files for the DLNA server and photos will be processed for the WD Photos app.

Just give it time to process and the dashboard will be back to normal.

If you’re not planning on using the DLNA server, set media sharing to none for the folder in the dashboard.

Anynbody with a MAC has any tips to get the file transfer speeds up?