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I’ve just bought WD TV live media player. I’ve been tolled in the store’s forum that device have support for Slovenian subtitles. (letter marks: ‘ž’ ‘š’ ‘č’ ). Unfortunately this is not the case. Subtitles are missing those letters, although I have latest firmware uploaded (1.02.21). Can you please tell me know if this is going to be fixed or already is and I’m doing something wrong?

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I would doubt greatly the WD supports those characters.  Subtitles that are bitmapped, however, will display correctly – so you want to seek out those types if you want to see those characters (subtitles can be either character based or bitmapped).

Support for Slovenian character (assuming it doesn’t exist) will very likely never be added, but you can always request it in the ideas lab (tab above).

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Can you maybe tell me which suffix have the bitmap subs?

In the device’s settings, there’s a character encoding option that you can change to support various languages. I can’t recall if Slovenian is supported, but that might solve your issues. Let me know if you still have problems and I can look into it.

@ Bestja

You have to switch to codepage 1250!

Settings/System Settings/Additional encoding support/Central Europe (Windows-1250)

Thank You Friga and Guy_K!

This does the trick. No problem with Slovenian subs now.

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