the menu and all navigation is ridiculously slow! iv finally got my media loaded onto it and it keeps freezing taking up to 30secs just to move from one page to another, even flicking through films is taking around 5 seconds to move, any reasons why this could be happening? all i did was drop all my media onto it, got content info and replaced the dvd artwork? any settings that might be casuing this?

You could try resetting the unit using the bottom paperclip button. Press for 1 second and then release with the unit fully booted up.

where abouts is it located? when i cleared media library it seemed to correct it somewhat, could it be my dvd artwork? just quite disappointed in how laggy it is :frowning:

I disabled Media Library Compilation on my Hub, because it slowed it down as **bleep**…

After I disabled it, it was lightning fast browsing folders etc.