Sloooow throughput over ethernet

Hi, all. I’ve been browsing these forums for about an hour now and i’m starting to see a recurring theme… Some people get 9MB/sec throughput over the puny 100mbit port on this device, while others (like me) are getting no more than 1.5-2MB/sec throughput.

Can some of you post what combinations you’re using and what kind of throughput you’re seeing?

Thanks in advance.


Win7 x64 on my main desktop

WRT310N v2 router

Everything wired.

20Mbit/sec throughput max, usually around 11.

OK, so I’m kind of an ■■■■■ :slight_smile:

Looks like my problems were all due to a bad cable :slight_smile:

I popped a new cable in, and boom. 8-9MB/sec. More than enough for BD content, apparently.