Slingplayer Won't Load

Just bought WD TV Live today.  Upgraded to latest firmware.  Slingplayer says “Loading” when I try to access, but stops loading at about 80-90% complete.

I’ve power-cycled.  I’ve reset to factory defaults.  No change.

I tried Pandora and it works fine.

Been on hold with tech support for about an hour now waiting for help.  My first impression of the product is not favorable.

I’ve now been on hold for 3 hours waiting for “the next available agent.”

I give up.  And will be returning the WD TV Live to Best Buy tomorrow.

Simply not a good way to start a relationship.  Let’s hope the more expensive Boxee Box works and, if I have problems, someone in tech support will actually pick up the phone.

Thanks to WD for completely ignoring me!!

Please check your PM.

Would you be willing to share any and all info. you might have to get slingbox to load?  Would be greatly appreciated…