Slingplayer Remote Issues

I have a Slingbox 350 and was super excited:smileyvery-happy:when WD came out with the TV Live and the Slingplayer…yay!  When I first set up my remote control for the receiver on my pc through Slingbox, it worked fine, could page up, page down, last channel.  But when I went to bring it up in WD Slingplayer, these buttons no longer work on my WD remote?  I am with Shaw Direct and I do have the right remote, it works on my PC.  Has anyone else had these issues?

Press the blue button on your WD remote and all your remote keys appear on screen in a series of menus.

I push the blue button and the menu comes up, but when I select the guide, I can’t page up or down?

I cant even get the remote option to work.  The sling box is up but the remote wont work.  I am on Shaw direct 003 as per the rcvr but nothing