Slingplayer problem

Very often when I try to connect my slingbox (7000 miles away) the application on the live hub is starting fine and the connection speed test works well too. I can even see that the slingbox is starting on my IPad because there is a camera pointing to the box.

After that the WD Live Hub says starting streeming and the light on the slingbox is swiched off. A few seconds later the only message I get from the Live Hub is. Can´t get a connection Code 10003. That must be wrong because the WD slingplayer even disconnects other users when I start the application so he knows that thers is a connection from my PC for example.

On every PC, IPad and IPhone I own the slingplayer is working fine. Only the WD device seems to have that problem.

In the beginning I thought it must be a serverproblem from the sling company but this is happening every other day now and sometimes after two days it is working again without a problem. I do have three WD devices and if one is working all do, if one does not get a connection none does.

Please Help.

Check if the solution on the link below helps.