Slingplayer "Live TV" button and Tivo

Team, I can not figure out an easy way to get to “Live TV” using the WDLIve Remote in conjunction with my Slingbox/Slingplayer app.  What am I missing? Got to be a way??


  I can not figure out an easy way to get to “Live TV” using the WDLIve Remote

I’m not sure what you’re asking?

You’re saying that you can see the Live TV Tab, but cannot select it?  Or you cannot select the SlingPlayer app?

I am succesfully signed into my Slingplayer on the WD Live device. I am watching a recorded show on my Tivo. Now I want to switch to a live TV channel on my Slingbox. My Tivo remote has a “live TV”. The WD remote has no shortcut for live TV. Thanks … Rich

When using the Slingplayer, you need to activate the “Virtual Remote” by pressing the WD’s Blue button.

That will bring up the remote UI specific to TiVo.

Thanks. Yep, I had got that far. This is where the “Live TV” is missing. Rich

Found it. Did not realize there were multiple screens with each menu. That said, multiple screens required to get to Live TV on my Tivo. Any way to program a shortcut key? Rich

I am learning here. The more I use/learn the more I like. Isee there are also “quick keys” specific to my Tivo. “D” is the “Tivo” button, and “L” is the “Live TV” button. Anyone know how to enter an “L” using the WD Live remote from within the Slingplayer app? Rich

No, those QuickKeys are not on a TiVo remote.  You must be doing something unique.

But all of those buttons ARE on the TiVo “soft” remote.   The only things that aren’t are the color buttons.

Thanks.  I guess my question was, I want to input a letter (listed above the number keys)  from the WD remote, not a number, from within the Tivo App.  Anyway to access these letter commands? 

Not that I know of

I have successfully used an attached USB keyboard to use a number of those quick keys; however, I have had no success using the D for the TiVo button. Does anyone know how to access the TiVo menu or My Recordings?  The DVR option is disabled.