Slingplayer for connected devices and Hub - Slinbox lists the Hub in its questionaire

At it appears that there is hope that the hub will support the slingplayer application.  Has anyone seen anything on this?

Hmm.   Interesting.

Unfortuatnely, I think Sling Media is *Waaaay* behind the curve.     They haven’t had a new product in AGES, and the products they have are EXTREMELY expensive, IMHO.

 I have an HD unit that I use to get my satelite TV at a second home.  However at the time I was not aware of another solution.   What out of the box unit can allow me to watch and control my Dish Network receiver from a remote location besides sling?

I will agree on the expense.   That being said,  I have saved more than the cost of this unit in the 1.5 years it has been deployed because I do not need cable tv at the second location.  I would have spent about $800 for cable TV in that time period.

… another Satelite Receiver…   :slight_smile:

Just bring it home with you so it can “dial in” on occasion.

Actually, I had thought about getting a unit designed for RVs, but those are more expensive than my slingbox.  Also, with another receiver I also need to mount a dish.  Finally there is the issue of the smart card in the receiver.    I think my total out of pocket expense for all of this would be more than what I paid for the slingbox.


I haven’t had sat since about 4 years ago, but when I did, it used to only cost me about $13 per month for all the hardware.--  (Non HD) DVR, Smartcard, and I installed the antena myself.

That’s a long payback for a Sling.  :)

At that rate my break-even is one month away or 19 months.   I don’t know if Dish Network would allow a second dish and receiver at a stationary remote location (ie non RV application) and what they would charge per month.    I will say that my solution is not quite what I would like because it requires computer access to view and computer skills that not every viewer in my household  posessess.   That is one reason I am so interested in Slingplayer on something like WD platform.

Love my slingbox.  Would be nice if the HUB was integrated with the Sling technology so you could access your HUB from anywhere without the slingbox.  The biggest drawback is the price of the slingplayer mobile @ 29.99.