Slingplayer disconnects frequently

I recently bought a WDTV LIve Hub so I could watch my Slingbox in another location.  At first, all was working well.  Now I get frequent disconnects, or Code 27 errors, and it has to reset the connection.  I have also noticed since about the same time that even though my Buffer Duration is 3 sec, that I have 0 sec Currently buffered (on the stats screen when I press the Red key).

I looked to the Slingplayer forums (which you can’t post on the WD TV forums yet), and called Slingbox.  They suggested I reinstall the Slingplayer app.  Not really sure if there is a way to do that.

Anyone having similiar problems?  Or anyone not having the problems, and still has 0 sec buffer (so maybe the two aren’t related)?


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Try pressing the reset button for 1 second.

I think the Slingplayer app is still not quite up to par with the rest of the apps on the WDTV, or with other Slingplayer products.

It needs to be more stable, ie not disconnect so frequently.  And needs to be more responsive, it takes 2-3 secs for it to transmit a command to the Slingbox.

Keep working on the app, it has the potential to be a BIG selling point for the WDTV Live Hub, but it is not there yet.

Now I am having a variation on the disconnect issue.

While streaming video on Slingplayer App, the video will hang for a couple of seconds with no change in the video or audio buffer, or bit rate.  The Current buffer is still 0, but once video restarts automatically, the buffer begins to increase.  It will get to about 14 sec then it will restart the stream.

Come on guys, this app isn’t stable yet!!