Slingplayer app goes dark

New Slingplayer app in firmware 3.05.10 loaded and asked if I had a sling account.  I answered yes and the screen went black.  Now any time I select the slingplayer app it takes a few seconds to load and then the screen goes to black.  I have tried a reboot of the player, but nothing else as of yet.  Anyone get the slingplayer working yet?

Thanks for any input. 

Try resetting the player to factory defaults.

Thanks for the suggestion.  I reset “All Online Service Accounts” and the player reboots.  The sling app will fire up to the “log in or learn more” screen.  If I select learn more it plays the sling advertisement and returns to the “log in or learn more” screen.  If I select “log in” it takes me to the “End User License Agreement”.  If I select the “I Accept” option the “I Accept” selection turns blue and it stays on this screen indefinitely.  I am able to select the home button and exit this screen.  If I attempt to go back to the sling player I get the black screen.  Only way back in to the slingplayer is to reset All Online Service Accounts, which takes me back to square one.

I redownloaded the firmware and reflashed the 3.05.10 to see what would happen.  I also reset “All Setting Back to Factory Defaul”  Same scenario as above.

So, can anyone get past the End User License Agreement.  You don’t have to have a slingbox or an account to give it a try.  Thanks.

I did, entered my friends sling info…and found out his old player does not support it LOL

but I was able to get to all the screens ok using default theme.

Thanks for the feedback.  I guess it’s just my setup.  Wonder what I could be doing wrong.  Weird.

  1. Log out.
  2. Go to the Sling Account Login screen and enter “clearappdata”  in the Email Address Field, leave the password blank, and press the Select remote button/Enter key
  3. A confirmation screen will appear, on which you should select the “Ok” button to proceed and delete all Flash Shared Memory associated to the SlingPlayer

Note, this will result in the end user having to re-enter their Sling Account information.

Let me know if this addresses your issue.

I’m sorry, but I can’t do that.  After checking the “log in” tab, I must “Accept” the user agreement.  This is where the slingplayer app is locking up.  I cannot even get to the actual logging in screen.  Thanks for the suggeston.

Also, I was never able to get past the “I AGREE” on the user agreement so none of my account data has ever been added in to the slingplayer app.

BTW - After no resolution in this thread, I opened a thread in the “Live Hub Issue Reporting” forum.  I figured this forum was generally user to user.  I don’t want to double post and cause you guys more work than needed.