Slingbox error 22

trying to use slingbox app on wdtv. receiving error 22. my slingbox pro works fine on my 4 other computers. slingbox has latest firmware installed as well as wdtv. have a 2wire at&t gateway model  3800HGV-B. wdtv is on a wired connection using dlink powerline network adapters. any suggestions?

Try pressing the reset button on the bottom side for 1 second. 

I’m having same problem and I’ve updated my firmware.  How did you fix it?

Same problem here with new WDTV Live box with latest 1.09 f/w and SlingboxProHD with latest f/w. Slingbox works fine with laptop Slingplayer on Windws 7 plus Slingmobile on an Iphone plus a Slingcatcher. Anybody tried regressing the f/w on the WD TV live? Looks like a piece of flakey software to me?

there in no reset button on the bottom of either device. i have reset both devices thru other means. anyone have a solution?