Sling Player TV output viewing issues and slingplayer app shutdown issue

I need some help with the following three issues I’m having with by WDTVLive gen3 and it’s Slingplayer. I’m running the latest firmware Version 2.01.86 (12/10/13)…I connect my WDTVLivegen3 to a SlingboxHDPro. I have no issue getting the TV picture to display. I use the WDTVLive remote AND a LogitechK800 wireless keyboard to control the Sling Player app.

ISSUE#!: My WDTVLive gen3  is hooked up to an old large screen projection TV using the composite connection (red-white-yellow)  NOT hdmi. I have the WDTVLive aspect set at widescreen to see an HD picture without distortion. If I set the WDTVLive aspect to standard I get a squashed picture for HD channels, that’s why I set it to widescreen.

Under WDTVLive setting APPEARANCE the maximum screen reduction/screen size calibration allowed by the WDbox is 70% which doesn’t allow me to view the full widescreen picture as letterbox (bars at the top/bottom). I can see most of the HD picture but a lower setting would let me see the entire HD picture as letterbox.

Is there anyway to further compress the picture while the slingplayer app is running so that I can see the FULL HD picture as letterbox ??? It would seem I need a setting of 60% or lower to see a true letterboxed HD slingplayer picture on my old 4:3 projection TV. Is there a hack to do this ???

NOTE: I understand the APPEARANCE setting also affects the WDTVLive menu size. It would be a great enhancement if the menu size was decoupled from this setting which is used by the Sling Player app to govern the size of the HD picture displayed.

ISSUE#2: As I’ve reduced the screen to 70% when viewing the slingpolayer TV output there are two horizontal bars displayed in the picture which seem to approximate in length the position of a std 4:3 picture. When I put the setting back at 100% the bars disappear out of screen. The bar at the top of the screen is thinner than the bar at the bottom of the screen.

why are these bars there obstructing the sling TV output? what puts them there? can they be removed?

ISSUE#3: after running the sling player app for over 6 hours when I press the HOME button on the remote to shutdown the app the WDTVLive box DOESN’T return to the home screen EVER (I’ve waited up to 1hr).  I have to unplug the a/c cord and replug it after which the home screen appears but the box is frozen. I have to again remove the plug, wait and replug after which the box reboots. Another workaround which seems to sometimes work is to disconnect from my slingbox first, however there does seem to be a problem the longer the sling player app is running the significantly longer the app takes to shutdown and allow the WDTVLive to return to it’s menu.

this problem doesn’t seem to occur when running the sling player app for shorter time periods. this problem can be repeated. obviously I have found a workaround but this condition isn’t acceptable. can anyone figure out why this is happening or have a solution ???

Any help with these two issues is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

You should try to contact our support department directly about this.

You can do over the phone or via email.

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thanks, I’ve done as you’ve suggested and now have an official “case”.

I was interested if the WD community might have had a solution or some input.

I’m still hoping for someone to answer who might relate to the problems I’m having.

DAYS later, no response from WD… I expect this “case” will never be responded to within the 30 day free technical support given to me because the WDTVLive box is just bought-brand new.