Sling Player / Dish Any Where

I recently acquired a Dish Hopper with Sling and quickly discovered that the Sling Player software in my Wd Live Media Players and the WD Live HUB were not compatible with the Dish Hopper Sling.  As there is already one version of the Sling player installed can we expect that the Dish version is soon to come?  Has anyone asked for this yet?

Only selected Slingbox models are compatible with the WDTV Live Hub\Streaming and WDTV Play. To see the compatibility list and setup instructions, follow the links below. 

Slingbox models compatible with SlingPlayer for Connected Devices

Setup instructions

Sling has a history of poor support since being acquired by Dish. Dish has promised to come up with usable sling capable satellite DVRs for ages yet was never able to deliver any solid devices. Their Sling-loaded DVRs have a history of not working with any of the non-dish branded Sling devices or apps. So my guess is it will be a long stretch to get the sling enabled streamers to support any of the Sling-loaded DVRs.