Slideshow of FLoder does not show pictures in SubFolders


     Like most of you, I sort my picture in directories for events.

Mine goes like this

Darrin’s Pic

    Family Photos

         In the Year of 2010

         Bob’s Birthday


   Work Photos

   Train Pictures

Bob’s Pictures

    Bob’s Family Pics

SO, if I play a folder, I would have though the sun folders behind it would play also. I find the WD TV Hub, does not, but only play the picture in that folder. Sad, very sad.

I was hoping to play the Family Photos and that would play a lengthy 36000 pictures of seven years worth of pictures

I’n lue of, I’m hoping the Compilation of the Library will show all the pictures, and I can play all the pictures from there. In this metheod, I have to restrict the Comilation of the Library to certain directories sing the .FOLDERNAME method.

Any comments of suggestions?

Try to contact the user PixelPower, he knows a lot about WDTVs.