Slideshow not random shuffled

My primary intention was to use it to play a random slideshow from a media server. There is 12,000 photos.

The photos aren’t randomly played. Only a subset of photos are ever shown and if the device is rebooted the sequence is the same each time. It takes a while to realise most photos never get shown as the subset is reasonably large, perhaps a 2,000 or so. 

Showing them sequentially works better but still with problems. Using the a media server you can play from all images but that includes all the album art from the music collection, about 2,000 unwanted images in my case, or you can play pictures in a specific folder but you can’t include sub folders so I would have to move or copy the collection into a single folder  to use this method which I’m reluctant to do. You also tend to see the first images in the list most often.

This was reported back in June 2011  where the WDTV Test Engineer replied " We’re aware of this issue and we’re working on it." but there has been a lot of versions since then and mine is up to wdtv version 1.06.15_V.

Hi, how do you have the pictures organized? All of them in one folder, or separate folders?

I am having a similar issue…

I have some 35+ folders and would like them to shuffle and all play together in one slideshow shuffle?

How do I do this??

I have been trying to set this up for hours with no success…