Sleep/wake crashes in Mavericks when WD drive connected

I cannot leave my WD My Book Essential 2TB external drive connected overnight to my brand new Macbook Pro Retina running Mavericks 10.9.1   If I do it will crash (and recover) several times overnight. I never have the issue if it is not connected. My LaCie drive has no issues. I am not alone in this, there is an Apple discussion forum

and about half the participants have the problem with a WD drive, and mysteriously the rest have no HDDs connected, so presumably have a different issue causing the same result. The computer says that it has recovered from a sleep / wake failure.

Anybody got any solution, or must I continue trying to remember to eject my WD drive every night?

I’ve got the same problem. Not sure if it existed with 10.9.0, but certainly with 10.9.1.

Tried updating the firmware, connecting it directly (instead of through a hub), still problems.

Mine is slightly different - once it hits 4+ hours of sleep with the drive connected [I think this is when it switches over to hibernate] the screen won’t light up, the keyboard light goes off, and I can only do a hard shutdown. It won’t boot without a PRAM reset.

Again, only with the WD mybook connected.

MBP 13" retina - late 2013.


what version of your firmware? i updated my firmware 4tb my book then it won’t mount anymore

do you have this problem

in the system log, you can see what it is going on with your drive why it crashed too


No, I haven’t updated the firmware, it has the original version (its about 18months old). Sorry, I don’t know where to check the exact firmware version.

The crashes are always logged as  Sleep / Wake failure, and though the WD drive is recorded as connected to the USB port it is not given as the cause. This is just my conclusion after trying different permutations and reading the Apple thread.

I did update the firmware - still happens. I think it’ll require another firmware update and/or an update to Mavericks.